Hello. You are reading the first post ever written for the blog Someone Still Loves You, Alberto Riveron. If you have arrived at this address in hopes of reading articles and stories related to the National Football League, you are in luck! If you’re here because you’re a Riveron family member and you were surfing Google in hopes of reading something positive about Uncle Al, you are also in luck! We here at SSLYAR are hopelessly devoted to raising the profile of someone who is one of the finest, most stalwart referees currently working in the NFL, in addition to being the finest storm panel salesman we have ever known. If, however, you’ve arrived here with the expectation of gaining new perspective on the elk of the Cataloochee Valley, we must regretfully inform you that you have come to the wrong place. It is quite possible that this website is more what you’re looking for.

Readers should expect Someone Still Loves You, Alberto Riveron to view the NFL through a lens very much informed by statistical analysis and irreverent humor, with occasional Alberto Riveron-related trivia sprinkled in. Readers should also remember that as much as the writers behind SSLYAR like to insist that they know more about the NFL than everybody else, they actually do not. Thus, do not necessarily take predictions such as “The Rams will win 13 games in 2012” as gospel or bet all life savings in Vegas on a “Blaine Gabbert will win the MVP award this season” pick. Rather, appreciate this blog for what it is: a place where the NFL is loved almost as much as an above-average fart joke.

Contact information can be found at nathanielfritz [at] live [dot] com. Thanks for reading.


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