Here’s a Video of Joe Buck Name-Dropping Mumford & Sons at Troy Aikman’s Expense

It should go without saying that Joe Buck, and not Robert Christgau, is the current dean of American music critics – why, over the course of five seconds in the video below, he professes knowledge of cool, hip indie bands like M83 and Passion Pit and Phoenix! Of course, sometimes when you’re the most intellectual tastemaker in the country, you’ve got to step on other people’s toes for not being as hip to the jive as you are. Such is the case with Troy Aikman for having just found out who Mumford & Sons were. DON’T YOU REALIZE THAT “LITTLE LION MAN” STARTED MAKING WAVES BACK IN THE YEAR 2009, TROY? Next, you’ll be telling me you don’t know who Arcade Fire is.


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